Free Solution for Medicare Call Recording Requirements

CMS requires all brokers to record and store telephonic conversations with MAPD and PDP beneficiaries.

Published: 09.05.2023 / Updated: 02.01.2024

Medicare Agent Call Recording
Beginning October 1, 2022, every broker/agent selling Medicare Advantage (MA) and/or Medicare Part D plans is required to record sales calls with their Medicare clients. In addition to the CMS call recording requirements, brokers must also store these recorded calls in a secure and accessible way for at least 10 years.

These new Medicare call recording requirements were released as a part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicare (CMS) Final Rule for 2023.
What types of calls must be recorded?
As further clarified in the CMS Final Rule updates for 2024, calls that need to be recorded are those regarding sales, marketing, and enrollment.

“Marketing” includes “retention-based marketing,” or influencing a beneficiary’s decision to stay enrolled in a plan. This also includes materials that mention any benefits, including widely available ones, such as dental, vision, and hearing, premium reduction, and cost savings.

It is not required to record calls for merely setting up in-person meetings, to confirm a beneficiary received a plan welcome packet, or calls to provide a beneficiary the opportunity to ask non-marketing questions.
Additionally, when conducting marketing, sales, or enrollment calls virtually (e.g., video calls), agents must still record the calls. However, only the audio portion of the calls needs to be recorded (not the video portion).
How can I comply with the Medicare call recording requirements?
While the CMS Final Rule updates are made periodically to better protect and meet the needs of Medicare enrollees, they can sometimes create confusion and pose challenges for Medicare brokers.
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