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My Savoy Benefits helps brokers and their consumer clients find their best fit for individual and family health, dental and vision plans.

Savoy’s Consumer and Senior Markets Team, My Savoy Benefits, provides hands-on, personalized support and quoting and enrollment services—so that you can assist your consumer clients with individual health insurance plans when they need it most.

Our regional managers and support staff assist brokers throughout our geographic footprint and are true experts in both on-exchange and off-exchange benefits options, federal and state regulations, and all major health insurance carriers and plans.

Plus, we have a completely in-house and compliant Contact Center, staffed with licensed agents available to assist with high volumes of business, allowing quick turnaround time for both you and your clients.

Individual Health Insurance & Group Brokers

Even if your primary business is group health insurance and employee benefits, it’s important to have an understanding and to be able to offer solutions for individual health insurance plans.


When it comes to health insurance for employees, there are certain instances when a group member would need to transition to an individual plan. If you can’t offer these solutions, someone else will.

Common scenarios when groups need individual solutions:

  • LAYOFFS: COBRA isn’t the only option available when an employee is being laidoff—and many times, individuals will benefit more from the plans available to them through state or federal marketplaces, Medicare or private insurance companies.
  • TURNING 26: It’s time for individuals to come off their parents’ plan. Be able to assist and provide these members with a smooth transition to an individual plan if they are not working or are not eligible for group coverage.
  • DEPENDENTS OF MEDICARE-ELIGIBLES: If a group member is transitioning to Medicare and will no longer be covered under their group health plan, their dependents will need to seek alternative coverage.
  • GROUPS NOT OFFERING DENTAL OR VISION COVERAGE: Many small groups may not be able to afford or offer dental and vision coverage—but you can. Through individual plans, members can gain access to these highly sought-after benefits.
  • INDIVIDUAL COVERAGE HEALTH REIMBURSEMENT ARRANGEMENTS (ICHRAS): An Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement or ICHRA provides employers with an alternative to traditional group health insurance. It allows employers to set up an allowance to reimburse employees tax-free for health care, including individual health insurance policies.
What do brokers gain when they work with a general agency?

By working with Savoy, you gain access to a wide range of insurance products, resources, and technology to support your employer and consumer clients.

Our teams of employee benefits and health insurance specialists are available to support brokers and agencies with everything from quoting and enrollment to case management, renewals and compliance audits. In short, as a general agency we help you offer more expertise and options to your clients without additional work or in-house experience.

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