Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Relationships

Savoy assists its broker partners in better understanding and IDENTIFYING the opportunities that exist within this everchanging landscape.
We help MATCH broker agencies with other partners based on complimentary resources, unique needs, and common organizational cultures and management philosophies.


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Why Savoy?

  • Vast network of partners—including thousands of brokers of varying sizes and profiles of benefits books of business from all across the country
  • Hands-on experience with over 100 deals in the past seven years—either with facilitating a merger, acquisition or strategic partnership
  • Direct access to specialized attorneys, accounting firms and acquisition advisors

Our dedicated team of experts provides:

  • Tools and guidelines on potential valuation of an agency or book of business
  • Expectation setting and identification of negotiating points
  • Assistance with integration, required communications and compliance with respective carriers, vendors and regulators

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