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Enhancements released with this version include:

Login/Messages Widget

Logging in

The Login/Messages Widget is located at the upper right corner of the homepage. If you are already an existing savoyassociates.com user, simply enter your name and password. If you do not have login credentials, you will need to register on our website by clicking the register link.

Once logged in to savoyassociates.com, the orange login area will become the Messages Widget. The Messages Widget will display various account-related messages. 


My Profile and Custom Preferences
Once you are registered on savoyassociates.com and have received your Welcome email confirmation, you are ready to set your Custom Preferences in your profile.  First, select My SA > My Profile. Select the Preferences tab and you will notice that Default Preferences are selected.  If you keep this setting, you will see all of the states and the corresponding carrier information that is available on savoyassociates.com. 
If you would like to filter your content by state and carrier, please select the states you would like to see from the drop-down menu.  Once the states are selected and saved, the Selected Carriers area will show the corresponding carriers.  Once you select the carriers you would like to see, click on Save and your Custom Preferences will be set. 
Moving forward, the Custom Preferences will filter content on the site, excluding the Reference Guides and Events areas. 
By default, Federal content is included as this information applies to all states.
My Compensation
If you are an active broker with SA, you can view your Commission Statement and Bonus Summary in this area.
My Events
You can view all of the upcoming events that you have registered for by clicking the My Upcoming Events tabYou can also view a history of the events and credits you have received from SA, under Event History.
Register and Unregister for Events
You can register and unregister for events, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Persistent Business Development Team Listing

You can access your BDT contact information from anywhere on the site! Simply roll over your role display (near the toolbar, at the top right corner of the website). Your role display indicates your current status with Savoy Associates. For example, if you are currently a Preferred Partner, your role display will note that you are a Preferred Partner.

Trending Topics

Refer to the Trending Topics area in the upper left corner of the homepage for important content such as alerts, news, or events from Savoy Associates.

Widgets: Quick Flash News – Events – Forms and Benefit Summaries
Without leaving the homepage, you can search for items within each widget.
In the Quick Flash News widget, click the tabs to quickly view: All, Popular, Urgent and Search.
In the Events widget, use the tabs to quickly view: Current and Search.
The Forms and Benefit Summaries widget defaults to the Search tab for easy searching.


Under Resources on the toolbar menu, you can access Broker Compensation, Forms, FAQs, Industry Links, Carrier Submission Deadlines, Reference Guides for Small Group, Middle Market, Ancillary, and Individual Products, and more!

Carrier Submission Deadlines
  • New Business Submissions
  • Plan Changes
Reference Guides

Resources > Small Group > New York – New Jersey – Pennsylvania – Delaware 
To access our Reference Guides, simply go to Resources on the savoyassociates.com toolbar and click the market for the Reference Guide you would like to view.  For example, roll over Small Group then click New York to view the New York Small Group Reference Guide.
The headers in the columns and rows follow you across the screen for easy viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
To access Frequently Asked Questions, simply go to Resources on the savoyassociates.com toolbar and click on FAQs.