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Enrollment Material
Enrollment Procedures

In order to enroll, please submit the following items to Savoy Associates:
Completed Application

Click here  to download Oscar’s enrollment application

Click here to download Oscar’s plans

Click here to download Oscar's rates

Click here to download Oscar's Summary of Benefits 

You can also quote online via our quoting tool MySavoyBenefits.com

Payment for the first month's premium

Please do not submit your payment with the enrollment application. Oscar will provide the first month’s billing statement within seven business days of receipt of your enrollment application.

All paperwork must be sent to Savoy Associates at the following address:
Savoy Associates
25B Hanover Road
Suite 220
Florham Park, NJ 07932
Attn: Individual Health Insurance
Email: individualenroll@savoyassociates.com  

Oscar grants the 1st of the month effective date only. Paperwork must be received no later than the 5 days prior to the effective date.
ID cards are sent to new members approximately 2 weeks after an application has been received. In the event that a member requires medical attention prior to receiving an ID card, a copy of the Individual Application may be used as proof of insurance. Members can verify coverage by calling Oscar at 1-855-672-2788.
Physician Directory

To locate a physician, please refer to https://www.hioscar.com/search/  
Upgrading and Downgrading Coverage

In order to change your health coverage, your application must be submitted during Open Enrollment which is November 1st  through December 15th  .

Please note, any enrollment application submitted outside of open enrollment must be accompanied by proof of loss of coverage or of any triggering event that qualifies you for coverage. For a list of those qualifying events, please click here

If you need additional assistance, contact Colin Scheifler at (800)237-4009 ext. 1773 or via email at colinscheifler@savoyassociates.com.

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